Post Seismic Observation 5 / 3 / 2017
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Glad you could still make it ... could you please clarify which single point and which general location you are referring too.  My response might be wrong if I am not sure of the facts.  I know your information is based on statistics over a great period, mine is mostly observational and I am basically joining the dots with the detail at hand ... please observe the following;

Just to remind you of the two big players in the first post of this thread;  143' 03' E - 27' 48' N  South of Japan ... 15' 36' W - 27' 32' S  Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

You can see that this image is GOES data, the time at top right corner shows this graph was acquired today (11th March).  Why the purple and yellow traces originally stopped is not relevant, but they both re-established recording at 05:44 ut.  It is Dawn on bearing 15' 36' W - 27' 32' S at this time.  At 07:02:10 ut, a 5.0 occurred on the Central East Pacific Rise, USGS is showing a 5.2 occurred in Argentina 90 seconds earlier (this one is currently missing from EMSC list).  At 07:02 ut, it was sunrise on bearing 15' 36' W - 27' 32' S at this time !

The image then shows the red trace discontinued at 08:32 ut, at 08:32 ut it was sunset on bearing 143' 03' E - 27' 48' N South of Japan.  When the red trace re-established at 09:52 ut, it was Dusk on bearing 143' 03' E - 27' 48' N.

I am describing detail that is clearly visible in this image, and I am using times and locations that I calculated from a different space data image on 2nd March.  The two images are 9 days apart, and are openly available for anybody to check.  The south Atlantic location could be a single point, and nothing may actually happen there. But this detail shows it had correlation with GOES data and at least one 5+ event ... I have therefore joined observational dots and given my interpretation of the facts.

I have similar images and detail from yesterday, which indicates a possible 5+ event off the West coast of Trinidad and Tobago on 61' 42' W longitude.  When I have finished sourcing my own data for conformation, I intend to place a prediction with said detail included.


Depression in high energy proton data 19:20 ut ... Sunset on bearing 15' 36' W - 27' 32' S (Atlantic) 19:21 ut !!



I believe the single point was the quake on Oct 23, 2016 at 08:00

I was using it to test my sun moon program.

Then I wandered off into my map program which is now working, but you never said if it might be of use to you.

It plots a Mercator map of the world and you can add a circle wherever you wish of whatever radius you wish.

Unfortunately, Mercator distorts as you near the poles so a 90 degree circle centered on the equator plots as 2 vertical lines and smaller ones will give sine waves. 

Smaller still will be circular..



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