A couple of Q's for Brian
Hi Brian
The following is an account of the power discrepancies and associated phenomena that I have been experiencing  since November last year.  It has put me to great expense, to the point of nearly giving up on the whole project, the only thing that keeps me going is that I truly believe I have something seriously significant, and I have past the point of no return with regards to finding an answer.   I do have some limited local help now, but would really appreciate any input or suggestions you may have ... I'm afraid this does drag out a bit, and some things may sound a little "out there" at times, but I have tried to be as factual as possible.

The batteries I originally used to power the monitors, were high capacity Lithium-ion external laptop batteries by Power-Smart, model EL 1901, the input / output voltage was DC 19v ( 6900 mAh / 153 Wh ) costing around $350 each.  I'm not sure if these are available on the US market, but I use to source them from Ebay.    I had been using these to power Dell Latitude E6430 laptops, running spectrum lab, connected to modified dipole antenna's, which in turn are connected to unconventional electrodes buried in bedrock.    One of these batteries in new condition would power the monitor for 12 / 13 hours before depletion, but on multiple occasions, the power would only last for 2 / 3 hours, the battery casing became hot to the touch, and in a couple of instances, the laptop's own internal battery overheated, rendering it unusable.   Its usually been the case that I have not been present when this has happened, but I have witnessed this twice, the recorded data always showed several hours of heavy activity prior to overheat .. I changed batteries during one such occasion, and it was depleted in 1 hour 50 mins.   This may or may not have relevance, but during this period, I made a 10 minute call on my mobile to a friend two miles away, and it used approx $30 worth of credit ?, 10 times more than it should have done  ... I have repeated this twice during heavy signal activity, with the same results !.    I'm not an expert on batteries beyond the basics, but I have been using this same model for four years, and not had any any problems related to the symptoms mentioned, this started in November after I improved signal reception at the antenna's.    In effect, the controlled output of the battery increased five fold, the resulting heat damaged the Lithium-ion cells, and wrote off the complete unit.

It's no secret that I believe I am recording seismic anomalies, produced from Solar / Lunar influences, but I am still rational enough to have checked all other possible variables to the best of my abilities, as non have been found, the resulting damage is leading me to the possibility that an element of the EM spectrum is channelling through the antenna's, and instigating a serious power drain on my systems.   What gives favour to this, is the burn outs have always occurred 24 / 48 hours before major seismic events .. I can appreciate the natural course would be to investigate the equipment, but as I have used different batteries and monitors from different suppliers, with the same results, it kind of rules this out.   I have had to abandon my astronomy, so the AC supply was removed from my obb months ago, the nearest AC power is now 100 yards away, the nearest property besides mine is 200 yards, and the nearest road is 50 yards which has very little use ( average 10 cars per day ).

I was able to overcome my power dilemma, after finding a different model battery compatible to my systems ,  but "not" compatible with a Dell Latitude used for domestic use !.    I found the K2 50,000 mAh polymer Li-ion battery on Amazon UK, it's half the price of the EL 1901's, and so far, it has been able to power the monitors for 16 hours before depletion.   The catch here is, this model battery is not compatible for charging the Dell's own internal battery .. it runs the monitor and program no problem, but I still have to rely on the remaining EL's to top up the Dell's as required.

Unfortunately, this has left me with a new problem, the same heavy effects I described are now focusing on the monitors themselves.   A component in the laptop, that the repair engineer referred to as the power transfer diode is sustaining heat damage, in much the same way as the EL's ... the monitor operates as normal, but refuses any external AC / DC input to run or charge.  This has now happened three times, I did consider in-compatibility as cause, but again it only occurs during heavy activity, and the engineer agrees, in-compatibility in this case is not an issue.

Second problem .... my haunted house antics actually started in September last year, but it wasn't until December that I determined what I believed to be the source.   My antenna's are basically wood structure with copper windings, and a few add on's, in late summer I brought one of these in to my workshop and hung it on the wall to dry out, it had been in the elements for a while and I needed it dry for experimentation.   Due to other distractions, it never got used, but it was also around this time that we started receiving poor TV reception on an in-frequent basis, the cooker hob would switch off occasionally during cooking, and the outdoor floodlights would have periods of refusing to de-activate, even during daylight.    Not changing the subject here, but I think I mentioned before about my observatory being underground, it has a roll back roof with a false lawn fitted on it, and comprises a 4m x 4m room with an entrance corridor.   I fitted a motion censor light  in the corridor, and on a  small bench at the end, I had a 14" tall motion sensitive Pterodactyl dinosaur toy ... Seriously !!, it was there as a gimmick to scare friends or the uninvited .. it use to scream the hell out of the place.    One night in early December,  the corridor light started activating for no apparent reason, and continued to do so for a week, but not always at the same time, it would go on / off for 20 second intervals over a one hour period, then stop !!,   I replaced it, but always got the same results.  Then as you can guess, towards the end of the month, my little Jurassic buddy decided to wake up, and nearly had me exiting for a change of clothes ... I should mention that it's batteries had died several months earlier and I hadn't bothered replacing them, but the most astonishing thing was that it started operating in synch with every second activation of the light.   Apart from the scare factor to myself, I mention this because it points to a brief rejuvenation of dead batteries (approx 3 days ), the antenna's are 5 metre's from the corridor, which led me to speculate a connection !.   

A few days later, I was testing battery duration in my workshop, on a small laptop running Spectrum Lab with no antenna or plugin's connected, when I noticed it was actually recording structure, which was not to dis-similar to the recordings in my obb.   You may know yourself, if running Spectrum Lab on battery, weather internal or external and no antenna connected, the traces just drop to the bottom of the screen, this had me confused until I realised I was using the laptop below the antenna I had hung on the wall several months earlier.   I removed the antenna and " Yes " the traces disappeared of the screen.  Further experimentation concluded, the antenna was responsible for poor TV reception and undetermined activation of multiply appliances, which strengthened speculation of something not only active in close proximity, but can also be relayed at least 100 yards !.    I now have two antenna's hung on my walls, facing each other, and a third one placed at mid-point between my house and observatory, censor lights and other similar devices have been placed in close proximity, including my scary friend .. but the most intriguing and responsive device to date is a Maglev levitation show globe.

The Maglev is basically a C shaped frame, incorporating a few LED's, and a kind of small magnetic field generator, it has a small 4" world globe thats placed within the C frame, giving the illusion of the world suspended in mid-air. They are AC powered with a 12v DC reducer, costing around $40, and are mostly aimed at the office décor market.   You need a steady hand to position the globe in the frame, if it becomes unstable, it attaches itself to the top of the C, and you have to try again.   I placed this 12" from one of the antenna's, and in the last three months ( since purchase ) it has destabilised itself seven times, and again, appears to coincide with seismic events.   It is easy to speculate alternatives, but I have done extensive tests to find reason, and you will have to take it on faith that adequate precautions are taken with my experiments.   The big difference with this device compared to others is, when it destabilises, there is always an unconnected corresponding signal in the data at my obb.   I now have two of these Maglev's, which I have crudely attached to analogue clocks .. when the globe becomes unstable, it attaches to the top of the frame, and dis-connects the clock battery terminal in the process, thus recording time of instability.   If you reduce power to the Maglev, the globe drops out of the frame, if you increase power, it blows the LED's, so again, I have speculated some kind of heat source is interacting with the Maglev's magnetic field, but it has to be something with sufficient input to destabilise the unit, but not to blow it !!.

To briefly return back to my TV reception problem ... I don't have satellite TV, but my set's incorporate a freeview system, basically free channels with no subscription. the problems with one set in-particular includes, unobtainable channels using specific frequencies eg 600 - 620 Mhz, or at times, the high 700's.   I get days when an information window appears for hours informing me of new services available ( meaning new channels detected when there are none ), and I experience problems with the remote not activating the set, which used to be a real bummer, as it didn't have a manual ON switch.   There was no problem with my other TV's around the house, which all shared the same antenna feed as this one ... the difference with this one is, it is mounted on the same wall as the workshop antenna, in an adjacent room.     I have tried the other sets in the same position, and received the same results, I remove the antenna, and there's no more disruption, though I still endure this for research purposes.    I have seen many times in my data what I perceive to be frequency changes, denoted by colour differences in structure, TV disruption always corresponds to several days before a seismic event.

I thought I would conclude with a few smaller observations that may help to determine source ... The surges have the ability to wipe the monitor's memory, so one of my daily tasks is to transfer all the days data to memory stick.   The monitors internal clock has to be updated once a week, and is usually out by 5 minutes over the course of this period.   I use an Acer 13 to go online in the observatory, during heavy activity the battery only lasts 4 hours max, but 13 hours in my house as it's name sake suggests.   The 1.5v batteries running the analogue clocks attached to the Maglev's have to be replaced every two weeks, and I have found newly replaced batteries in devices at close proximity to the antenna's have been depleated within a month without the device actually being switched on. 

So to sum up, from my perspective, I am receiving an energy source, capable of changing frequency thus affecting multiple appliances ... it seem it can be relayed directionally .. it is able to drain battery power ... and has some kind of physical wireless effect that is able to de-stabilise the Maglev's.   Two thing to consider here .. assuming I have covered everything  possible at my locality, I have to look outside the box, so to speak, that's one reason I mentioned microwaves, if I do indeed have something unique, could microwaves produce the phenomena I have described ?.  I have not found anything online to back this up, apart from electromagnetic pulse weapon development, but in theory, could I somehow be detecting this in it's natural state.   And secondly ... if I had the imagination to put this together, I would probably be writing books now, instead of working in the rain on landscape projects !!, it's costing me a small fortune so I truly am sincere about this.   I can't find the quakes yet, but they are always on my screens after the fact.

I hope you don't find this to mundane, I know you can't get here as regular as you use to do, so there's no hurry to reply ... besides, it will give me time to find something more challenging for you in my next post  Smile .




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