Roger Hunter's Files

Earthquake Probability Estimator A Windows program to determine earthquake probabilities. Does Global, Circle or Rectangular searches for quakes of mag 5 and larger for time windows of any length. Self-installing. For Petra, a series of concentric circles around her location. Plots FFA rings on a S. California fault map. Interactive Mapping Program. A DOS program which plots outline maps of any area and data points as well (usually quakes). Updates IMP to Windows version. Library files needed for the Windows versions of these programs. Plots the predicted area on a map. Plots FFA rings for 4 different quakes at once, in different colors to find common areas. FFA rings on a world map. Plots an interrupted sinusoidal map which can be made into a globe. Plots quakes in stereo pairs for 3-D viewing. My favorite DOS shell, great for those who hate to type. Computes probability using Dr. Alan Jones' observed probability method. Works on NEIC searches only.

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